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The Infamous Mazuma Safe

Mazuma Safe or is it?

Bottle Bill and myself have been out to the site many times. We have done lots of research about the area and what went on back in the day. However this safe some claim is from Mazuma and the flash flood is nothing but false. The safe was dropped here sometime in the late 70s early 80s. It is a old safe from where we ill never know. The first hint something was stinky was it was supposed to wash down from the so called 20 foot wall of water. So look at it. Look close at the corners they are perfectly square. Other things that washed down are clearly tore up and looked like they were put in a washing machine and tumbled for hours. Even though this safe is heavy it would of sustained great damage at minimum the corners. Also I have first hand reports that circa 1979 1980 there was NO safe in that wash. There is more, but what is your take on this safe?

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