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Ghosts By Air

Here is a little something different. As some of you know I am a commercial drone pilot. So I put together the first installment of Ghosts By Air Nevada Volume 1. Its not another documentary but music and flights over Nevada towns that once were. Hope you enjoy.

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Yup when I see this in a dig I am looking close whats going on. This looks like a geothermal type deal going on but after testing no gold was found. It was actually an illegal dig. The old timers got the easy stuff and the claim jumpers got the rest. To bad. However it was turned in to the BLM. I have no idea if they ever were caught most likely not. You know the government.

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Stokes Castle

If you are ever though Austin Nevada stop in and see Stokes Castle. Its really a cool stop not far off highway 50.

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Seven Troughs

A deep mine thats in pretty bad shape these days. I recently saw a you tube video of some “boys” and there 4x4s going deep in this mine. I was astonished when I saw this and what they were walking past and under. Broken beams from partial cave ins probably some questionable air too. They were in very deep. If you decide to enter a mine portal and have no history or information on it you are taking a big big risk. Don’t do it.

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The Infamous Mazuma Safe

Mazuma Safe or is it?

Bottle Bill and myself have been out to the site many times. We have done lots of research about the area and what went on back in the day. However this safe some claim is from Mazuma and the flash flood is nothing but false. The safe was dropped here sometime in the late 70s early 80s. It is a old safe from where we ill never know. The first hint something was stinky was it was supposed to wash down from the so called 20 foot wall of water. So look at it. Look close at the corners they are perfectly square. Other things that washed down are clearly tore up and looked like they were put in a washing machine and tumbled for hours. Even though this safe is heavy it would of sustained great damage at minimum the corners. Also I have first hand reports that circa 1979 1980 there was NO safe in that wash. There is more, but what is your take on this safe?

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Many historical markers can give you some history and hints on your treasure hunting. At the very lease it can give you a X on your map that you are in such and such area.

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Do you like old bottles? When I first got into them a few years ago it was a big learning curve. So many different types. Many years they were made one way then things changed so a hunter has to know all this information when out in the field or say a bottle show. Here are some photos of Bottle Bill and I at a recent bottle show.