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Season Three

Oh where is that dam town!

I filmed this entirely with a cell phone and DJI Gimbal. Thats why you will get a floating effect in some scenes when there is extreme movement. It was a travel lite day so the big gear stayed home.

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Season Two

Opener of Internet Gold Miner Johnny Nuggets and his team try to climb a daunting mountain and then enter a large cave and go spelunking! Season 2 is all about adventure and treasure hunts. Please Like and Share.

Come hang out with Johnny as he does a little prospecting and maybe you will pick up a few tips. Internet Gold Miner Prospecting Tag Along

Privy’s and Dumps of old town sites. Hang with Johnny Nuggets and his special guest “Bottle” Bill as they try to find treasures made of glass at a couple sites. Learn the ins and outs of this sort of treasure hunt.

Follow Johnny around as he goes into some sketchy adits from 100 years ago. He also explains some of the geology of the area. See examples of how miners looked for gold deposits in this zone.

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Season One

Join Johnny “Nuggets” McGrath and his friends as they work old mine dumps, show you how to use technologies of today to prospect, set up your own claim, rock crushing, panning 101, metal detecting, safety involved and a bunch of fun along the way.

Gathering samples, keeping track of things, rock crushing.

Dry Creek Placer Mining. Join John in prospecting a dry creek area. He will show you how to classify material, and use a gold vacuum. Plus many more hints for the micro miner.

Catching up on old business. We got the goldmine you get the shaft! Add on and answers from episode #2. Assay results and dropping the go pro down a couple vert shafts with some very interesting video.

Metal Detecting for gold – Makro Gold Racer review. John gets out to one of his favorite secret spots to do a little metal detecting with his Gold Racer. Speaks about the detector itself and a few hints on detecting in mineralized areas.

Setting up your own mineral claim. (lode claim) Johnny explains how to setup your won mineral claim. From staking and marking your four corners. The dreaded filling out your paperwork including a in depth how to on drawing your map. Other tips are provided to help you the micro miner.